Aztral Inc

The world is uncertain and dynamic. Make managing it a source of competitive advantage

Aztral's enterprise analytic capabilities provide:

  • Unprecedented quantification of future demand, including uncertainty
  • The ability to plan for and manage its impact on customer service, financial performance, and supply chain planning and execution

Transform your ability to:

  • Understand customers and markets
  • Plan and manage your supply chain to achieve your goals for customer and financial performance

Manage with a detailed understanding of demand and forecast error in each segment of your business

Including how they vary by product, market, customer segment, business conditions, and stage of product lifecycle

Make the right supply chain decisions for each part of your business

  • Demand characteristics and performance goals vary
  • Ensure near-term operating decisions through supply and capacity decisions always match your performance objectives
Supply chain

Forecast uncertainty by horizon, quantified

  • What we know
  • What we don't know
  • When and how we'll learn more

And it's self-driving

Highly intelligent and automated management and execution
  • Management's objectives for each part of the business are always executed precisely, at the most operational level
  • Any gaps in execution generate alerts to team members, and root-cause analytics and accountability drive continuous improvement
  • Comprehensive management analytics on performance and team execution ensure you get the performance you were promised, or know exactly why you didn't